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OPK confusion!

I wonder if anyone can offer me advice....so I started testing on 2 types of ovulation stick, one is clear blue digital but 5 months out of date so bought a cheaper brand from boots. Yesterday there was a faint line on the cheaper one which is negative and today nothing, still negative but yesterday the clear blue was negative and today a smiley face. Do I believe that or just keep testing until the cheaper one gives me the nod? I'm day 13, usually ovulate day 14. I don't normally bother with these but my clinic want me to do it.

Thanks for the help


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Are you taking them at the same time of day? I trust the digital ones more than the other ones but that's just me, also your levels peak 24 to 36 hours before ovulation so if you are normally 14 days 13 days is spot on for a smiley face.


Hi thanks for your reply! I wasn't doing at the same time. Thank you x


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