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Will they scan me on day of transfer before transferring embryo ??

Felt fine this morn but was laying in bed, just got up had a shower , everything takes so long .

I wouldn't say I have pain but tummy feels achey and uncomfortable ( and is bloody huge)

All my clothes look tight. We're going round my boyfriends mums soon just for me to get out.

Wish I wasn't so bloated.

It's 4 days since my egg collection 9 eggs so Is it normal to still feel bloated ?

Just wondered if they will scan me tmr to check everything's ok before transferring embryo?

Keep looking at how messy my flat is but that's Gonna have to stay messy . 😩

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Yes it's normal to feel bloated you've had invasive surgery and the follicles fill up again afterwards I was told, so definitely expect pain, discomfort and bloating. Don't put any heat on your tummy. You need to get as much rest as you can. I don't remember being scanned on the day I had any of my transfers but if you're worried speak to the hospital staff prior to the transfer tomorrow. They will be able to see the lining of your womb when transferring the embryo(s). Good luck x x

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I had a scan before my transfer, but that wasn't routine, I was unwell with bad pain and a high temperature and pulse - I was concerned about OHSS so they scanned me to check, I didn't have it, just very enlarged ovary and an infection which needed antibiotics. Just be honest with them about how you're feeling - they will scan if they feel the need. Don't forget the pessaries will make you feel bloated as well as the egg collection procedure, my bloating didn't go down till around my test day.

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