What are the specifics of the criteria you have to meet?

I've been so caught up in all that's happened, I didn't even think of these things until my sister mentioned them!

So, my partner is Spanish, he doesn't have residency in England, we have both worked in Mallorca together for the last 3 years so I have no proof of earning from England, as after university in 2013 I just went to work abroad and didn't come back.

I've had surgeries both private and NHS in the last year so I've been back to UK quite a lot over the last 2 years for appointments and tests etc.

All the other criteria we meet, no children, don't smoke, not overweight etc.

should We just save ourselves the disappointment/time and go private in Mallorca? Xx

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  • Clinics around the UK seem to follow different guidelines (and have different criteria). So in some areas, because I already have a son, I wouldn't have been eligible for our first (free on the NHS) round of IVF. Where I live though, it is OK because my husband doesn't have a child of his own. There are also age criteria in some areas.

    It is worth checking with the clinic/hospital you would be going to in the UK first before doing research on what is available in Mallorca. Bear in mind that there are lots of appointments to attend - some with little notice so it might be better to stick to one location during the process.

    Good luck X

  • Thank you very much for replying! I have an appointment with GP in a few works so hopefully she can tell me where I'd be referred to. Thank you very much! Xx

  • Hey

    If you have paid taxes in spain along with residencia And are empadronados go through the seguridad social in spain you get 3 tries in the NHS.

  • Thank you so much for replying! I'm planning on getting my residencia in November when I go back, but I have been paying taxes and have my work contracts for the last years.

    Do you know how long I need my residencia for before they consider me? Or waiting periods? X

  • Hey

    Not sure about how long with residencia, you will need to have a nรบmero de seguridad social which if you've worked and paid taxes you'll have.

    Think you have to have been actively trying min Two years, not have a child already with your current partner, be under 40.

    Not sure about the other things.

    Make sure your super fluent in Spanish, it's hard enough without fully understanding ;)

  • Hi MeganMae. If you have a look at fertilityfairness.co.uk you will be able to find out what the criteria is for your NHS area. You will also need to contact your local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) and ask them re residency in the UK. Your GP will have their contact details. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you very much! I shall take a took a look now x

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