Bleeding 4dp5dt

We had one good quality blast on Monday afternoon. All has been well since then apart from some cramping on and off. This morning I woke up to some bright red bleeding (about a tea spoons worth) that seems to have tailered off at the minute, I phoned the clinic earlier worried and got the nurse (who isn't the most sympathetic with her telephone manner!) and was told it could be not enough progesterone or simply that it might not have took or just unexplained I need to wait another few days but if it ย continues its probably safe to assume it hasn't worked. Any one else come across this and had a positive outcome?ย 

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  • Hi mayaudrey, I bleed/ spotted at 6dp5dt and just assumed that was it. Red blood when I wiped which then turned brown. It only lasted a day. So fed up did a HPT which came up with faint positive line then the following day did a Clearblue which came up 1-2 pregnant. Which was confirmed with a beta the following week at OTD.

    so could well be implantation bleeding the timing is right, so fingers crossed. I had never had implantation bleeding before on other cycles where I got a BFP so each cycle is different xย 

  • Thankyou that makes me feel a lot better! The nurse on the phone said its just a case of watchful waiting the last couple of times I've been to the toilet I've not seen any blood so hoping that's a positive sign xxxx

  • Hi, May! Poor girl, I guess you have the reason to worry. Judging from my experience it's differs a bit of what I faced myself. More than a year ago we were passing IVF in Biotexcom clinic with donor eggs. A few days after transfer I had some pinky spotting gradually turning to more reddish one. I was worried, then even scared, but they explained that was quite a normal thing to face in the process. While being here I've read a great amount of posts women telling the same.

    After all that confusion and sadness we'd got our BFP. Frankly speaking I couldn't believe up to the last moment as was preparing for worse.

    So, my brave lady. I truly believe the game is going on. You have to keep calm somehow and wait for another day and see if the situation with your spotting changes. I know this is extremely hard as felt the same once myself. Be just occupied with some sort of things which bring you a little bit of comfort, then the time will go faster. I'll have my fingers crossed for you, dear. Xx

  • Thankyou that's really lovely the bleeding has stopped now so I'm hoping that's it we still have over a week to go until official test date feels like forever I was beginning to feel like I was out of the game already! I just need to hang in there for another week or so! Xxxx

  • Yes, that's right the thing! I'm pleased your bleeding has already stopped so this is a good sign :) They say 2ww is in dog's time. 'Cause it feels like 2 years, not 2 weeks - lol. I believe you're a strong lady to go through it up to the test day. And one more thing - Try not to test too early before the official date. This will definitely save your and your partner's nerves.

    Hug you, hun. Have everything crossed for you X

  • I love the comment about dog true. Thanks for the laugh.

    Surprised nurse didn't say it could b implantation bleed.

    Hoping for good outcome for you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thankyou Elynn praying for a good outcome aswell ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘ผ! Xxx

  • Did she say anything about increasing the progesterone if it's not enough?

  • No she didn't mention she just asked me how much I'm on and I said 2 cyclogest pessaries but I did wonder if I'm on enough? Xxx

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