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Scan all good started setratide inj

Sorry if this is a duplicate message, can't remember wether I posted or not!!! 

Had my scan to check follicles, nurse said all good ( wasn't that informative ) but said I was on track she showed me the screen and I could see lots of blobs on right side - not so many on the left. 

Nurse said I was ok to start setratide injection , so I do that daily at 11 am and also continue my merinol inj at night . 

She also told me to up my protein and drink 3 litres of water a day . 

I go back Friday for OHSS blood test and another scan. 

And again on Monday hopefully will still be on track for nxt Wednesday egg collection.

Been so busy at work this week, and nxt Tuesday we have an inspection ( I'm the assistant manager of a nhs gp surgery) so it's all a bit stressy at wrk at the moment , I'm worrying incase they bring my egg collection forward to Tuesday as that's goin to be a really bad day to get off . 

Felt a bit sick earlier not sure if it's the setratide inj or if it was cos I was so busy at work . 

All seems to be heading in the right direction for a change though. Xxc

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Sounds like everything's going in the right direction 👍🏻 but from reading your post it seems work is beginning to stress you out 😳 Try and remember, you are the most important thing at the moment, not work. If your date does fall next tues then it does and work will have to cope with you not being there. I'm sure this is the same advice that you would be offering someone too. I'll hopefully be at your stage in a 3/4 weeks, and too me work will be the last thing i'll be thinking of, any job copes one way or another if one of the main cogs are not there. Be kind to yourself, this is stressful enough and you don't need added stress from work. Remember its just a job, your health and success at this are far more important and your job will still be their whatever the outcome. Wishing you a stressfree week and lots of luck for the coming weeks xx

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