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Scan to check follicles this morning

I have been on injections since Friday (5 days) so going for my scan this morning to check how I'm doing, and to pick up another lot of injection . 

Can someone tell me what happened when you had ur first scan after inj. 

Was egg col ever bought forward or were you told to stop inj earlier / later ? 

I'm booked for scan again on Friday and Monday , and e/c pencilled in for nxt Wednesday. 

How big do the follicles have to grow to? 

Thanks xxxx

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Hi on my first ever 6 day scan they couldn't see much and I came away really upset thinking it hadn't worked but then 2 days later a lot has changed and so on.My clinic didn't scan me this cycle until day 8 when they could defo see what was happening. Every person is different just take it day at a time, trust what they are doing and try not to worry xxx

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The timescales given by the clinics are best guesses as Button says things can change and that's why they scan you regularly. I needed a few more days than their estimates so don't worry if the EC dates change.


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