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Stupid evap lines :(

I am not super experienced at this trying to conceive thing, even though I am fighting this battle for nearly 3 years. It wasn't until the last two cycles that I started to get fake positives/evap lines on my cheap ebay tests, even though I didn't change the brand I use. The first one was super cruel as I really thought that I was pregnant and told my husband and parents. Obviously when I got the blood work done it came back negative:( Now it has happened again :( another line, another irony! These tests should be always negative and there should be no chance of these silly little lines to apear if they are not positive. It is so cruel. 

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Was just giving your story a little read... Can't you tell your dr to refer you? And are you documenting everything so that they can see what's going on? :-( x


Hi AnaRita, I'm so sorry that's so cruel. I agree with emu you should make an appointment at your GP and ask for a referral to start some investigations. Best of luck x 


Sorry just was reading your story, are hot still using the same tests?  Is there new you are taking that would give these false readings?

It's just so cruel ☹️


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