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Ivf and endo diet

Hi ladies I'm after a bit of advice please! I have endometriosis and for the past 8 months have cut gluten, dairy, eggs, red meat, caffeine, soya, processed foods from my diet to help with the symptoms of endo. However I started my down-reg injections a week ago and I'm just concerned that lack of some of these foods might have an effect on egg quality or implantation. My doc says diet doesn't matter because the injections shut down the hormones hence suppress the endo but I have read otherwise. Is the diet pointless at this stage? Just don't know what to do for the best 😩 xx

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Hi there, it sounds good to me as you cut out all the rubbish..I think diet really important, high protein, loads of beans and pulses, leafy vegetables, chicken and fish if you not a vegetarian, cereals etc. Unusual doctor says it's pointless, my clinic and all I read says look after diet which you seem to be doing. Good luck my dear, all the best xxx


Thanks Jaky76 i definetly feel better cutting those things out, I'm probably just over-thinking things as usual! Thanks for the advice xx

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