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Hi there, yesterday I got my ET at king's 2 in and 1 wait and see if it s suitable for freezing. 

I m in the 2 WW now with a sense of Déjà vu everything feels, sounds and is like the first time and I m finding it so hard to get excited about it I already have in mind the plan b. Trying naturally for 6 months then go private and I m already looking for clinics so we know roughly how many kidneys we have to sell lol.

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Congrats on having 2 returned back into your belly - precious load on board :-) Wishing you all the best for these little ones and your possible frozen one. I have my ET tomorrow and I'm struggling with waiting today. It will be five days and time seems to have stood still for the whole afternoon! 

You mention that you've been through it before so you deserve some positive vibes. All the best. 

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I had to have a plan b and sometimes a plan c to keep me from going crazy!.  It all worked out in the end thou and I didn't have to sell any kidneys :-)

Wishing you a BFP.


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Hi InTheMiddelOfIt.  Well done with the transfer and fingers crossed for the 3rd little one.  I'm sure all the girlies on here will prop you up during the 2WW.  Good luck!  Diane


There is no 3rd one anymore, I got a call this morning saying that it s not progressing and they will discard it.

Too good to happen anyway.


Hi InTheMiddleOfIt.  Oh dear, that's such a shame, sorry to hear that.  All down to your 2 little ones you have on board now.  Just try and rest when you can and I do hope that all ends successfully.  Diane


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