poor response to merionol, I had short protocol and only one follicle on my left ovary and at ec got one egg it end up with abnormally

fertilized, i am feeling heartbreaken, we don't have much sperm in stock, this is a waste and I had twice endometriosis surgery for the past two years, it was really bad on my right ovary, not sure is my right ovary died after surgery.....? I am just before 38, does anybody responded like me and got any happy ending?...? I have been dreaming to be a mummy sine i was 20

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  • Aw I feel your pain, I didn't respond well only got 2 eggs and only one fertilised and sadly it didn't work. About to start another cycle soon.

    Don't give up xxx

  • hug hug ! thank you for your message. how long the gap got to be between each cycle? and do we get another one with nhs funding. thank you! and good luck on you second cycle, all the best.xxx

  • You would have to check how many cycles you get as it goes off your postcode. I get 2 cycles. They usually make you wait 3 periods after a failed cycle but at my follow up appointment yesterday she said some let you start again after 2 x

  • thank you so much, good luck to youxxx

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