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BFN again

Just had our results of cycle number 3 and it's a BFN again. I just don't understand, we had great quality d5 blastocysts and had two put back in. One fresh cycle and 2 frozen with no success! Starting to think maybe there is something wrong with me that they missed! Anyone had success with a cycle on turn number 4? I don't know whether it's silly to keep on trying or whether it's never going to work for us 😔

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Hi Suzi, what devastating news, I really feel for you. The treatment has failed, not you so there is nothing wrong with you. Build yourself up again and if you can financially, then in time have another go. It will work, keep positive, I know that's hard to do at the moment but I wish you all the best. Sending lots of love at this difficult time. xxxx

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Thank you so much for your encouragement! I think we will try again because I don't think I could give up yet but you just wonder how many times you have to do it before it works. Im sure there are people out there that it maybe didn't work for until turn number 4 or 5! Thank you again xx


Aww I can jsut offer you sympathy and hugs. And just keep wishing you success. I am still trying naturally so I can't answer that question. Good luck with it all I know it's not nice. But chin up it could still happen xx

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Thank you, trying to keep positive!


Aw Massive hugs xxxxxxx

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I feel your pain and sorry you have to go through it again.

We have been through 4 fresh cycles and still no BFP all privately funded bar 1 back in never years.

Our final embark is having DE transfer next week.

Think about it...

Be kind to yourself you deserve it 😘


Thank you, I wish you lots of luck for your next transfer.



Oh what an absolutely devastating news(((

So sorry to hear that!

Loads of love and hugs!

Please do believe and it will happen! X

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Thank you, I'm really trying to keep believing as hard as it is. We'll definitely try again but I feel so disheartened and like I'm getting used to this disappointment cuz I'm so used to it. I barely even cried today, was afraid I wouldn't be able to stop. Last 2 times I cried for about 2 or 3 days. I hope I get the strength to pick myself up again and get my hope back.

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Hi Suzi, you have to gain strength and hope, I am thinking of you. Sending lots of love. xxx

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Hi Suzi

Sorry to hear that, I know how you feel, we've had the same experience, a total of 6 put back and no implantation and you start to think there must be something wrong with you and you don't know how to find out or fix it. We're on our 2ww but have had some bleeding so I think it's all over, I'm so used to this ongoing sad feeling, it's my default but it does get easier the closer you get to starting again, but how many times can you? How long can someone put their life on hold?

Take care of yourself and big virtual hugs x


Hi Maria Louisa,

Thanks for sharing your experience with me. It's so hard and like you say when do you know when to stop! I think we're going to try another fresh cycle and then keep going until any frozen embryos are tried but I can't see us going through a third fresh cycle because I don't think I'd have the strength!

I wish you so much luck with this cycle, hopefully the bleed doesn't mean it's all over, keep hoping till OTD!

Thank you for commenting, I get so much strength from all the brave and courageous ladies on here.

Sending you a big hug right back X


Hi Suzi84

So very sorry to hear you havent got your BFP and that is after your 4th cycle. It's so horrible to go through all you go through and then not get the result you want. Hugs.

We were successful with our 3rd ICSI. I dont know your history but a couple of things come to mind that I have learnt:

Are you still at the same clinic? Sometimes having another look around and going to a different clinic brings a new set of eyes and thoughts to your situation.

Recent research has shown an endometrial scratch may help with implantation.

Reproductive immunology and thrombophilia could cause implantation failure.

DNA sperm test - although the chaps sperm (& I'm assuming you have a male partner here) may be a good count, good morphology etc, the DNA may not be great, and you wouldnt know this unless it was tested.

Have you tried acupuncture immediately before ET and straight after? A number of clinics have an acupuncturist who works there.

Alot of belief surrounds having the right mindset can help hugely (you either agree with this or dont as with so many areas of fertility treatment) - hypnotherapy. EFT, working with a fertility coach could help with negative thoughts and reduce stress.

Have you had thyroid tests?

Someone suggested donor eggs - this isnt a decision you come to lightly and it isnt for everyone but it can be successful especially if you are over 40.

I know all these things are more tests and more money and recent research shows that it takes 2/3rds of couples up to 6 attempts at IVF before being successful! Obviously they didnt look at the emotional side of things!!!

I hope you dont mind this long list but I just did a brain storm and you may have already done all of it! One last thing I would say is go with your gut instinct about what you do next and take a bit of time.

Very best of luck & lots of hugs xx


Thanks so much for all your ideas! I'm nearly 32 and we've had 3 failed cycles, one fresh with one embryo transferred and 2 frozen with 2 put in each time.

We only really have 2 clinics in Northern Ireland and I have to say the one I attend have been amazing and they actually do consult and work with the Dr's at the other one.

I have a problem with my cervix in that they can't pass a canula through it so I had my last 2 transfers done via transmyometrial method! An experienced Dr in this method came from the other clinic to do this for me at my clinic.

I have had a thyroid test but I'm actually going to ask my GP if they can do it again because I have very irregular periods and my mum has thyroid problems ( it was fine the first time but I will get it checked again )

I did have Accupuncture for about a year and a half and found it very relaxing, and I had it done on Day of Transfer the second time. I stopped it recently because I'd spent so much money on it and didn't know whether It made any difference.

I'm going to ask regarding the endometrial scratch at my review app but I don't think it'll be possible with my impassible cervix.

I tried to keep very positive thoughts with the first 2 cycles and did a lot of visualisation but I'll be honest when it came to number 3 I thought the outcome will be no matter what I think.

I'll definitely inquire about any of your list that I haven't tried or might need checked again.

Thank you for your thoughts and ideas, I really appreciate your suggestions. Going on holiday in May and then we'll start a fresh cycle in the Summer I think. I think the break will do us good.

Thank you x

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Great to hear back from you - I'm glad to hear you seem to have found a great clinic who know what they are doing. When you've been through so much, it is hard to stay positive and money doesnt grow on trees at the end of the day!

Enjoy your holiday - you deserve it!

All the very best


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So sorry to hear that. I myself had 4 ivfs privately and 1miscarriage and a etp. Preparing myself for more took me 9 months.

I totally feel u. I didn't cry this time . But u fidget very emotional whenever I see any mum and kid. Really feel lost at times.

Hang in there believe in all mighty.

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Its not silly to keep trying hunnie..have they checked ur tox levels with the NK cell test?? Also ask them about an endo scrap which helps with implantation to xx


Thanks, I'm going to ask them about the NK cell test at my review app and the endo scratch but I don't think the scratch will be possible for me as I have problems with my cervix ( in they can't get through it to do any procedure like that ) I have to have my embryos injected directly into my uterus and bypass my cervix.

Will def ask regarding the NK cell test though.

Thank you xx


Oooh yh the scrap wont be possible then,but defo ask about the NK test xx

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I am sorry to know about negative incomes. Wish you successful cycling xx


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