10 day fsh scan today

SUch a mixture of emotions. The scan at day 6 of fsh injections showed some follicles growing (various sizes) and the biggest ones were 13mm. My womb lining was 5.9mm so I'm hoping and praying day 10 will show some development! I'm PCOS and at risk of OHSS and am pretty uncomfortable but not in pain at the mo. Can't get over how nervous we both feel but we keep doing positive pep talks to each other... 😊 excited too! The clinic is 2hrs away so we're about to set off... please please be good news.

Good luck to everyone especially the lovely ladies doing their ET and EC today xxx

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  • Good luck xx

  • Good luck Kat9lives, hope all goes well. Sending big hugsπŸ˜‰xxx

  • That sounds like good progress for day 6. Good luck with the rest of it!

  • Well the scan today wasn't as good as it could have been and to be honest I'm feeling a bit deflated but still positive. There is 1 x 15mm and 7 x 10mm follicles and the rest are smaller. The consultant said I need to up my Gonal F a bit to 137.5 (previously 112.5) and hopefully my EC will be weds or Fri. I have a scan on Mon to see if they've grown a bit and if not then it will go to a scan on Weds. If they aren't ready by weds then the cycle will be abandoned and restarted in a month. The bit I didn't like was he said they can get to a stage of growth and stop if they're not being stimulated enough, but I understand he wanted to start me on a low dose to see how I reacted and to avoid ohss. Fingers crossed they get a little growth spurt on! Trying to be positive, does anyone have any positive stories of this situation to keep me on track and stop feeling deflated? This is an emotional roller coaster and I think I maybe just need a good cry and then pull myself together! 😊 xx

  • No words of wisdom just a massive hug and all the luck in the world coming your way

  • Awww thankyou xx

  • I have no experience of this yet myself. My message is only to say that you sound like you are feeling exactly like many of the other women on this forum in your situation. All we all want is to think we are doing the best and I'm sure you really are going that. :-) Have cry (good to get it out of your system) but don't dwell, you are doing a wonderful thing and you should try and smile and celebrate each moment - you still have some wonderful follicles growing and a good chance this time. Worry about if it doesn't work, only once it hasn't worked. Sorry, please forgive me, as I know personally that I worry all the time ... And I have to try and stop myself, take a deep breath, look out the window and smile because I can then breath and start again positively. I'm waffling and really just wanted to say .. Be positive, be sad, but then push back the positive again. Every step forward is just that ... All the very best of luck to you

  • Thanks lovely for your kind and positive words. I've had a cry and am now back on track. It's good to let it out 😊 Hope your cycle goes well. What stage are you at? Xx

  • I'm about to begin my first and only chance at IVF, after about 15 yrs of ttc. I'm in a tough place at the moment after my only pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage last year. I start my pill tomorrow and then IVF drugs later next month. I've done all I can to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically and am trying to re-think my worries from negativity to positivity.... Hence my message above. I appreciate you asking about my situation when you're busy with your own worries at the moment. Very sweet of you.

  • It sounds like you have invested a lot of time and effort into this and I wish you all the luck in the world. Stay strong and positive lovely xx

  • not really had this situation myself...but just in case you get to ec I will tell you I had mine a few days ago they only managed 2 eggs and I believed we had blown it I cried all the way home! but the next day I got a call to say one had fertilised I had my transfer 2 days later (yesterday) currently on 2 week wait...so I guess my point is that you never know! i think we will have all had news from our clinics that is not the best news but remember you are still in this race and it could still happen for you all the luck n the world i hope them follicles get a spurt on and on ec you get nice mature healthy eggs all the luck in the world honey really hope you get good news on next scan fingers crossed for you!!!

  • Thanks Liz for your lovely message, you're so right there is still a chance. Wishing you all the luck for your 2ww xx

  • thank you sweetie lots of luck with you ec love really hope it all goes perfect for you xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well been for day of fsh 12 scan now and the follicles have grown a bit but still not there yet. We have one more chance at the scan on Weds for a poss EC on Friday they have upped my stims dose again. ... if it doesnt work by weds then it will get cancelled and start again in a month. I checked with the consultant and if it is cancelled before EC then you don't lose a cycle so we would be back to square one, which is atleast some positive news. Fingers and toes crossed for them for weds. Positive vibes and determined head on!!! Xxx

  • Fingers crossed you get to carry on but good that you don't lose a cycle if it is cancelled xx

    Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanks Button123. Xxx

  • it's good news that you dont lose your cycle also if you do have to start fresh next month they will prob but you on high dose straight away and so hopefully you will be able to get to ec with no fuss next time...fingers crossed for weds love i will be thinking about you! xxxx

  • Thanks lovely, that's very true. Positive head is on and what will be will be! X

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