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Pains in thigh- day before OTD

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had stabbing pains in the pelvic area, lower back and thigh before getting a bfp?

I had 2 embryos transferred on day 5 and my otd is tomorrow. Over the weekend I had excruciating pain that ran down my leg which stopped me walking for about ten minutes. Then the pain went. I've never experienced this before.

I called my clinic and they said it could be a number of things as I was concerned I may have an ovarian cyst. I've just got to take paracetamol if I get it again or go to a&e if it becomes unbearable.

Surely I'm passed the stage of implantation and implantation.cramps shouldn't do that to someone?

Has anyone got bfp after similar pains? Just after a piece of reassurance. I'll be testing in the morning x x x

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Hi Soapsuds86. That even could be a bit of sciatica?? If it happens again, I would pop and see your GP. Hope all soon settles. Diane


Turns out I have OHSS. Just incase anyone reads this with similar pains.

My advice- get help straight away. Don't leave it like I did.The pain is unbearable. I couldn't walk, stand up or sit down or anything. Has 4 lots of pain killer and still screaming down the ward. Ended up with intra muscular morphine so I could settle. x x


Hope you get better soon xxx

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Thank you x x x


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