The irony...hurts so much 😢

Having had AF since Saturday as well as showing a clear BFP, I tested today to find that my strong 2nd line has now faded to the faintest. At 11dp 5dt I am devastated. To add to the irony it looks like my AF has now finished. I know I shouldn't have tested but it felt so nice to have two lines for a few days. Official test date on Saturday, don't know how I am going to manage today.

Any thoughts or advise really appreciated xx

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  • I've not even reached your stage yet ... But I'm reading Zita West at the moment... She says Keep strong, don't test again and keep willing that little baby to stick at it.

    Perhaps not much help; but try not to get to upset or stressed. xx

  • I'm devastated for you. I'm so sorry. This happened to me before, it was a chemical pregnancy & tests kept showing I was pregnant for a week after my period arrived. Talk to your doctor and they will advise you. I hope you have someone who you can confide in and who can comfort & support you today. You will get through this. All the best to you , X.

  • Sorry to hear this.

    Have you spoken to your clinic?

    They may well suggest that you test on OTD.

  • :-(

  • Thanks so much ladies, today's been a bit up and down but am now home from work and chilling with the hubby, we have really talked about and are going to try acupuncture for a wee while and remain positive for a future Frostie transfer. Wishing you all the very best and hoping to hear of your BFPs 💕

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