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FET 5 day Blastocyst Fri 5th


so had the phone call this morning out of 6 frozen embies only 3 made it and doing good there currently on day 2 so still a few days to go yet still keeping my fingers crossed. Im booked in for friday at 2:40pm. So excited but still early days yet keeping all my fingers and toes crossed they hang on till friday and stay good.

Just a quick question i no it might sound stupid and i might be having a dumb moment lol but i put in the net ivf/fet pregnancy calculator and the date of what my transfur will be and it said id be already 2weeks and 2 days pregnant? got me confused, so how old is the embryo when u take the 14 day pregnancy test? So would i be 4 weeks pregnant by the time of the end of 2ww?? sorry if i sound dumb it just confused me lol x

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Exciting and nerve wrecking times, ive got my fingers crossed that they all make it to day 5!! Are they able to re-freeze if all 3 make it and you only put bk 1 or 2? With the due date calender they always add 2 weeks onto the begining, when i got pregnant naturally with my son they worked out due date from last period but with all this medicated cycle stuff i think they just add 2 weeks bk from fertilisation, obviously when frozen they just go back 2 weeks including the amount of days it was frozen from, dnt know if any of what i said makes sence but its not worth getting confused about really lol

thanks hun, they haven't said anything about re freezing then yet if all 3 make it through they might tell us that on friday when we go. I hope they can x yeah u made sense im just getting ahead with myself lol its hard not to i suppose just cant believe my luck we have made this this far to be honest x

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