Test date 7th Feb....1 embryo

FET was on the 27th January just waiting for test date which is the 7th Feb. Turn 30 on the 2nd Feb fingers crossed I get an amazing present. Emotions are up and down one minute I'm positive saying this has to work this will work and then I go negative thinking what if it doesn't work, this is my 3rd attempt, scared of going through a miscarriage again. Decided to go with 1 embryo. Having acupuncture every week had the pre and post acupuncture. Eating loads of fruit and veg, granola, no fizzy drinks just fresh juice, hot water or cold water ( I don't drink coffee or tea) making sure I move round, I'm at work, keeping busy but trying to relax and not get stressed about things. I've got a couple of days off next week. I feel when my emotions change if I get abit flustered or anxious that I'm failing and already damaging our little embryo. Want this so bad X

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  • Wish you all the very best Hunxx

    I had my embryo transferred on 27th Jan and going through the same Roller coaster xx

  • Good luck! After everything you went though last time I hope this is your time for success! x

  • Wishing you all the luck and hope you need to get you through the 2ww Hun, take care x

  • Everything crossed for you x

  • Hey, Sounds like you are doing everything thing you possibly can do to make it happen...fingers crossed u get ur bfp on the 7th x

  • Good luck everything crossed for you x

  • Hello!

    Suzanne, this is the thing every struggling woman has to go through. I know perfectly well how all that waiting gets on you and loving people around you. You're so lovely to do all those wise things: eating healthy food, going on with work though it's sometimes unbearable to concentrate.. I did the same when the time came. And must say I really felt better and full of strength)

    To support you in your waiting I'll tell you my story. I was in case of endometriosis, some additional issues, no male infertility. Don't know why it happened so, but we made several haste decisions following the wrong advice. These were failed rounds of IUI and ICSI. We changed two clinics by the time we clarified the whole situation. Biotexcom was the third and the last one we visited. There we were told straightly we wouldn't do it with my eggs. That was a great bewilderment for us, but we were thankful the staff for the truth with no intention to loom our money on IUI, ICSI, whatever.

    And guess what? Just like being in your shoes - that was the third attempt we achieved pregnancy. I believe this is the blessed number.

    May it be the same for you! Sorry for my long posting, but I just felt you need it.

    May everything the best come into your life xxx

  • Awww hope all is well Suzanne. Stay positive

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