Test date 7th Feb....1 embryo

FET was on the 27th January just waiting for test date which is the 7th Feb. Turn 30 on the 2nd Feb fingers crossed I get an amazing present. Emotions are up and down one minute I'm positive saying this has to work this will work and then I go negative thinking what if it doesn't work, this is my 3rd attempt, scared of going through a miscarriage again. Decided to go with 1 embryo. Having acupuncture every week had the pre and post acupuncture. Eating loads of fruit and veg, granola, no fizzy drinks just fresh juice, hot water or cold water ( I don't drink coffee or tea) making sure I move round, I'm at work, keeping busy but trying to relax and not get stressed about things. I've got a couple of days off next week. I feel when my emotions change if I get abit flustered or anxious that I'm failing and already damaging our little embryo. Want this so bad X

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  • Wish you all the very best Hunxx

    I had my embryo transferred on 27th Jan and going through the same Roller coaster xx

  • Good luck! After everything you went though last time I hope this is your time for success! x

  • Wishing you all the luck and hope you need to get you through the 2ww Hun, take care x

  • Everything crossed for you x

  • Hey, Sounds like you are doing everything thing you possibly can do to make it happen...fingers crossed u get ur bfp on the 7th x

  • Good luck everything crossed for you x

  • Awww hope all is well Suzanne. Stay positive

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