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IVF - NHS waiting times and what to expect. PCOS and poor sperm- Barts hosp


Happy holidays everyone!

I would love to hear from anyone who has had IVF on the NHS recently/ currently undergoing and can kindly shed some light.

I suffer from PCOS and unfortunately my husband has poor quality sperm. Initially, my gynaecologist wanted to try us on clomid - however due to the poor sperm quality our chances of conception will be very low. Last week after my hycosy our gynaecologist told us we would have to have IVF.

This was a shock to us both and although we both understand the procedure, we are not sure what to expect at our next consultation or how long we will have to wait to be implanted.

Also the gynaecologist said they would only implant one embryo as My risk of twins is too high.

Please can somebody shed some light on what to expect- the waiting times, process etc?

Many thanks xxx

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Waiting times actually vary per hospital and they take into account how close you are to menopause, I had a low amh for my age and they let us go forwards, we had been trying for just over two years.

Hannad in reply to stilltrying1

Thank you stilltrying1

I am 25 and my husband and I have been trying 2 and a half years- I hope they don't see us a low priority due to my age.

I'm having treatment from St Barts hospital in London- it would be great to hear if anyone else has had treatment there?

Thank you again stilltrying1- all the best of luck to you!


Bobenhams3 in reply to Hannad

My treatment started 6 months after referral

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