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Treatment in Alicante, Spain with pregen?

Hello! I'm a newbie and been reading a lot of threads on here. Not sure where to start but may need IVF or IVF DE and want to go to Spain (price and timings).

I've heard of a specialist unit in a hospital that really look after their patients for IVF or donor egg.

Has anyone had treatment at this hospital or used them? Any advice or support would be great as feel a bit lost.

Many thanks,

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I'd go on fertility friends and look at the clinic threads.. So many clinics out there.

I went to Prague for IVF with DE and ICSI. Successful first attempt..

Clinic and staff were amazing. Cost £5K including weeks accommodation and flights x


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I would encourage you to do as much research as possible in your decision making. Indeed international boards over fertilityfriends are very informative and a good source of info, also cause of comments/reviews, that are really helpful to pick a clinic abroad. I am opting for fertility clinic in gdansk, cause of prices and closest friends recommendations.


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