6dp3dt ..feep rubbish :(

Hi ladies im 6dp3dt and my positive mind is well and truly shattered ! The past few days i felt nothing other than really heavy in my stomach like my period is due to start. Today i didnt get out of bed till 11am and then i forced myself, i am so shattered its unbelievable ! I had 1 or 2 sharp pains in my left side yesturday but Def think this isnt my turn , im to frightened to go to the toilet incase the 'witch' has showed up :( this is my 1st ivf so dont know what to expect which i think itls making it harder for me ..anybody felt like this and went on to have a BFP?

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  • Firstly I hope your feeling okay as u can be, I'm on day 8 of 5 day transfer and I feel pretty similar to u dead tired keep going dizzy and just feel off I don't have much cramping this stopped around day 5 just having niggles here and there I dot feel like my period is coming at all but all my tests have been negative I don't think it's my time either but keep your hope the fact you are having cramps means something is happening this is my first transfer as we'll have u done a test xxxx the fact I'm having no cramps makes me feel I'm ready for period and embi didn't implant xxxx

  • So sorry your feeling like this abbie , i never thought this whole process would effect me as much as it ! No i have not tested yet ,if im honest im dying to do one but to frightened and the hubby wants to wait till our test date (not that i will be able to wait that long) when did u first test ? I would of thought that you have still tested a bit early , you never know u could still be in with a chance . Thats why i dont want to test to early because i will feel worst i think.. u had a 5 day transfer which should increase ur chances aswrll from what i have read online , FX for you , hang in there xx

  • Me either to be honest this last week I've been so emotional and down it's horrible, I tested day 5 7 and today 8 and all been negative your right in not testing don't do it if u can help it I wish I went through this horrible feeling once instead off 3 times already, I just think I would at least be erring something by now but no nothing my yet day is Saturday I'm holding onto hope but I don't think il get the Christmas present I wanted, I'm been so positive all the way through I'm finding this bit the worse the fact I have no cramping or bloated makes me feel so negative xxxx

  • You still have 1 more week till OTD so dont give up yet and iv read a few posts on online of people that though they were out because they had no symptoms and they turned out to have a BFP on their test date , so there is still hope for you . im becoming a google addict atm lol big hugs to you , this 2ww is a crazy experience xx

  • Me to I'm always on google other half going mad, just feel like the pessaries are holding off period for me and making me feel crap I don't have any endo pains which is a good sign for me but usually get pains a few days before period due, I just think I would of had a positive before now to be honest xxx

  • Oh daydreamer89!😔 this is such a challenging process and I promise each of us ladies on here have felt EXCATLY the same at some point u can never properly prepare yourself for the two week wait and everyone deals with it differently please try to stay positive and not stressed out! I was convinced my AF was coming and actually got woken one night by what I that's were her unforgettable pains! Ur body had been through so much! U truly can't trust anything it's doing rite now it's all a side affect of progesterone, or pregnancy or AF! They all the same that's what's makes it so hard! Stay positive and DO NOT TEST EARLY. It could be so distressing with no reason there's a reason ur clinic has given you a date! I won't say stay off google cause I literally did it and still do (@ 18 weeks pregnant) do it every 2 seconds! Lol that won't change 😬🙈 but it's not over till the fat lady sings!!! On test day!!

    Good luck!! Lots of baby dust xx

  • Thank you ladyboss , i am holding off from testing because i know its to early and dont want to make myself even more down if its a negative atm .. its just so hard ,i was not prepared for this at all ...my husband is soo positive and cant understand why im so negative atm , but i suppose its my way of oreparing myself for the worst outcome ! So glad u have had ur bfp , congratulations :) ...if u dont mind me asking how many ivf attempts did it take you ? What was ur 2ww symptoms ?? Xx

  • We were really lucky and only had one, had 16 eggs retrieved 11 mature 6 fertilised (something like that) only one good enough out back... And non to freeze... It only takes one ☺️

    looking back my symptoms are a bit of a blur tbh I was tired really crampy and I the most horrendously dry lips... Like so dry I couldn't open my mouth properly apparently that's a rare symptom cause of your decreased immune system to stop u rejecting the embryo the same as feeling like u getting a cold! But if you look hard enough everything's a symptom😂

    Good luck! 😘 xx 👶

  • I agree totally with Ladyboss. These were my symptoms too and I was convinced my period was coming with all the cramping! It was my first cycle but not my first pregnancy (had 3 previous miscarriages) so I thought I knew what symptoms were normal for pregnancy but this felt quite different. A pregnancy book I have says it's very normal to cramp, especially in first pregnancies.

    Turns out both embryos took and I'm 9w2d with twins. I tested early at 9dp5dt but as it's twins, the hCG levels would be higher than normal so it showed up for me. I definitely wouldn't test any more than a couple of days before test date. You just don't know if the trigger shot is still in your system or it could be too early. On one of my previous pregnancies, I didn't test positive until 5 weeks.

    After IVF, my true pregnancy symptoms didn't kick in until 7 weeks, with nausea and tiredness. It's too early to symptom watch in the 2ww.

    Try to keep busy. I found going back to work helped me keep my mind off things somewhat. I also watched a lot of box sets and I do knitting to keep me from googling too much.

  • Thank you ladies it does reassure me to know alot of you felt like af was coming.. just so hard to stay positive when after 8 yrs ttc iv never seen those 2 lines on a test so i kind of dont believe its going to happen :/ congratulations on ur bfp with twins ..how amazing is that 😍 im def going to stay away from the tests for a lil longer xx

  • Thanks Daydreamer! The worries don't go away though, I'm now anxiously waiting for a 14 week scan in Jan. And I think what if there's something genetically wrong or I have a disappearing twin, etc.....ugh, wish I could just fast forward it all.

    Best of luck with the rest of your 2ww and here's hoping for good news for you in time for Christmas! x

  • I think i would be the same ! Dont think i would ever stop worrying until we have our baby in our arms ! Thats just women lol hoping everything will be well at ur next scan , good luck ! And thank you ,we are praying and hoping for a christmas miracle atm 😉💜💙 xx

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