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Is a massage ok in 2ww?

I'm half way through my two week wait and trying not to go too crazy! My upper back and shoulders are very tense and soar. I think because I did a lot of resting on the sofa after egg collection and a didn't support my back very well. I was thinking of getting a massage but I'm not sure if this is advisable during 2ww. Does anyone know?

Good luck to everyone especially those also on the dreaded 2ww! xx

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Hi Vickal. I was taught that it wasn’t advisable to have massage during the first 12/40 wks of pregnancy as it can induce extra blood flow to certain areas and has been known to cause miscarriage in some cases. Probably best to check with your clinic first. Diane


Ok, I thought that might be the case. Will have to continue to grin and bear it :-(


Doh! Sorry! Best to be safe. Try some nice soothing music?? Diane


I did have a back and neck massage in my 2ww. I asked my therapist to do my upper back, shoulders and neck only and not to use any aromatherapy oil. I was so stressed that I felt it would be worse not to have a massage. Happy to say that everything was fine for me and I received my BFP x

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