Any 3day transfer success??

Hi guys.. i am currently 2dp 3dt with a 7 cell slight fragmented embryo ! Just wondering if anybody has had a successful pregnancy with a embryo like mine ! I am amazed we got this far due to not responding well with stimms , so thats a achievement in itself , but im searching for some positive thoughts to help me through this dreaded 2ww ! Test day is the 23rd december ! X

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  • Hi daydreamer89. Well, I’ve been working in infertility for many years now, and yes, I get successes from similar transfers. Just wanted to wish you well with it all, as I’m sure all the others will – and those with their success stories. December 23rd is a good day to test, as it is our wedding anniversary!! Diane

  • Thank you diane that reassures me a bit because im not feeling to positive ! I am 26 and this is my first round of icsi , so all fingers are crossed tightly. Really dont know how to cope with a negative test after 8 years of trying to complete our family.. glad the 23rs is a good day , wishing you a happy anniversary for that day aswell ☺ xx

  • Hi. Thanks for the kind anniversary wishes. Try and keep yourself busy during the wait, as it can be very stressful. The "knicker watching" fortnight I call it! Let's hope we can celebrate together. Diane

  • Love the way you refer to the 2ww 😂 haha thank you , so comforting to know alot of people out there to help everybody through this ! That would be amazing to celebrate together x

  • It's also the day after our wedding anniversary, so twice the luck!

    Baby dust to you xx

  • Thank you , wishing u a happy anniversay aswell :) although i think im not going to have much luck with this cycle :( x

  • Thank you, I read something today along these lines;

    "When reality said it's pointless and reason said give up, HOPE said 'Give it one more try' ".

    Sounds good to me xx

  • I am due on the 25th of December after a 3 day transfer of a 6 and a 7 cell embryos. One took , obviously dnt know which one , do there is hope there. I remember them saying by day 3 they like them to be between 4 and 8 cells , so 7 is perfect. . Good luck xx

  • Ah thats fab news clairol , congratulations on your fantastic news ! how exciting to be due on christmas day! Best of luck 😚 thank you thats given me a bit of hope i just feel like period is due to come anyday which is really concerning me atm ! Its going to be a long 2ww haha xx

  • I had period pains and a stitch like pain whilst I was on two week wait . remember there is a lot going on in there so you will feel things happening to you. I ate a few pieces of pinapple for first five days , I had read it helps with implantation. Xx

  • Ah thats put my mind to rest a bit more thank you clairol , i have been eating pineapple , plenty of water and a high protein diet so im trying to make sure i do everything right so if it doesnt stick i know i tried my best xx

  • I did the same, I didn't even spray perfume on my skin , and still don't to be honest. Any little thing that can help. I do believe though it's out of our hands at the end of the day , the doctor s and nurses have done their best and so have we. Nature will take over once the embryo is back in . Just try to rest and not worry ( easier said than done). I whent back to work after a few days , you just have to carry on as normal , if that's the right thing for you. I don't think there are any right or wrong answeres on what you should be doing on 2 2ww xx

  • Thank you for your advice i feel alot better now had some stabbing pains in my left aide today but period aches have gone :) wishing you a easy , healthy delivery of your beautiful baby christmas present you could ever have...good luck xx

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