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2ww early test advice please ladies? Xx

Hi ladies, I caved in and tested yesterday and got a BFN 😢 which I was absolutely devastated to see and massively regret doing it.

I tested early at 10dpt2dt (12 dpo, or egg collection). I had 2 good grade embryos transferred and I've also had a very small amount of blood on 6dpt which I'm guessing could be implantation bleed. I've been reading lots of posts about ladies having BFNs for many days leading up to the proper test day which for me is 14dpt. Has anyone else got negatives at 10 - 13 dpt on a 2dt then a positive on 14? I'm wondering if there is still a chance or if the BFN is it for me. Xx

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Some ladies do get early BFPs when they test but I have read stories of others who don't get BFPs until much later in. I don't know what causes the differerence, but it could partly be down to the sensitivity of the HPT you are using. HCG roughly doubles every day at the beginning so a day can make a big differerence. You should also use first urine of the day to test. When I was on my 2ww I googled loads of stuff and the consensus seemed to be that you should wait until 14days post EC to test as that is when HCG is high enough to be detected by most HPTs. Why don't you wait a couple of days and try again? Good luck! x

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Hi Hannah 143,

I think it is a little early and it's likely that your HCG levels are not high enough. I was told not to test until my 16th day 11dpt5dt. Hang in there and do another test.

Good luck x

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