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IVF - disappearing sore boobs

Hi everyone,

Wonder if someone can help, I've had sore boobs since starting on the cyclogest but day by day the soreness has got less, I am now on day 7 of 2ww and they hardly feel sore at all. Is this the start of af?? whats going on?? When do womens boobs normally get sore when they fall pregnant?? I know the cyclogest can make your boobs sore but I am still taking it an the soreness has gone?? If you think this is bad news, please tell me. I am going crazy!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Angel,

I didn't have any symptoms at all for the full two weeks then got a BFP. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. Try not to worry, I know this is easier said than done. I went a bit crazy on my 2ww and am still a bit crazy waiting for my first scan :-)

Fingers crossed for a BFP



I'm 9 weeks and had no symptoms no sore boobs no nothing x everyone's different so don't read too much into symptoms x


Hiya. I would not worry too much. I had exactly the same thing. I could have sworn prior to ET that I was pregnant based on the soreness of my boobs. Obviously, I couldn't be! My soreness disappeared completely at 2dp5dt, although my boobs are still big. I have just taken my hpt at 12dp5dt and it is positive. So hang in there.No sore boobs doesn't mean bad news.

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Thank you all for your kind words. Your replies have given me some hope. I can do no more at this stage. I was advised by the doctor who did the ET to test on the 29th but that will just be 11 days after ET. I taught you would normally test 14 days after. I am so confused. Ivf has messed up with my head.

Goodluck with your pregnancies. Hope everything goes fantastically well for you all.xxxxxx


Iv been told to do mine on day 12 so think it varies fingers crossed for u xx


The 29th will be correct. On my first cycle I only had 11 days to wait after ET. It's cos the embryos are already 3-6 days old, so that is added on to make the 14 days. So less time for you to wait! xxx


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