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Protocol 7

Just wanted to update on my next part of my wee journey more so to help anyone else out there like me who was more curious about dates and timelines etc.

So our 2nd appointment yesterday at GRI consisted of going over our forms, finding out what protocol I'm on (7) and more depth information about the process.

I left feeling really happy and hopeful considering I had begun to feel negative and really not believing I would ever be pregnant.

I now have a provisional date in November when I will begin my own injections and I am currently (impatiently) waiting on AF to arrive so I can phone and arrange my day 21 appointment.

It also feels good to know a little more of what us spoke about in these forums.

Hope this helps someone :)

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That's great news stella79! Good luck for starting treatment in November x


Thank you.

Hope you are keeping well x

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