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Long Protocol Meds delivered!


Hi Ladies

My meds were delivered today (with a truckload of needles and syringes) - have been really excitedly and now am just scared. At our consent appointment the nurse showed us how to administer burselin - so I am sort of comfortable with that (just about). The rest I don’t really know what to do with it so am just putting in a cupboard and am sure it will all come clear as we progress on.

The needles for the menopur look frightening. There are two different sizes - a yellow one (not bad) and a pink one (massive!) I mean yikes. Anyone else feel a bit scared and overwhelmed at this stage?

I know it sounds silly, I’ve been counting the days til we started and now am petrified. Deep breaths.


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It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?! I haven’t used menopur but used something similar called merional. I’m pretty sure that the big needle is just the mixing needle. Once you’ve mixed but the powder and solution you switch to the smaller one. The first injection is the hardest but once that’s done and it of the way, it gets easier xxx

Barbara1012 in reply to Ash2016

Thanks Ash. Hope you’re ok - where are you up with things? X

Ash2016 in reply to Barbara1012

No worries. Im in round 3 and been stimming for 10 days. Should hopefully be ready for collection but the end of next week. Good luck with your cycle x

Barbara1012 in reply to Ash2016

Good luck with EC, will keep everything crossed for you. Let me know how you get on x

Jenny_ in reply to Ash2016

I was extremely anxious when I realised that I had to take injection every day, but after the first one, i felt quite relieved as it’s not really painful at all.

Barbara1012 in reply to Jenny_

Thanks Jenny x how are you getting on? X

The big needle is just for mixing!! I thought exactly the same when I saw it but was relieved when I was told otherwise!!

Good luck and once you’ve done a few you’ll be fine xx

Hahah, feel a bit silly now but sooooo relieves. Jeesh x hope your ok and excited about starting next week:)

Ha ha think we all thought the same about the big needle 😂😂!!

I’m good thank you, and yes looking forward to starting again xxx

Hey Barbara, your draw up the drugs with the large needle and then change to the smaller one before injecting. Perfectly normal to feel a bit scared at this point don’t worry. Ice pack the area before u inject I found it helped. Good luck xx

Barbara1012 in reply to penny24

Thanks - good tip with the ice pack!. How are you getting on? Xx

penny24 in reply to Barbara1012

No problem! Round 3, 9 weeks pregnant. Good luck xx

Barbara1012 in reply to penny24

That’s fab news, congrats!! Wishing you all the best with the pregnancy - Makes the needles worth it xx

Thank you ladies - feel so much better - thought I was going to pass out! Just YouTube it - the Manipur looks a faffy process am sure it will be fine. Just going to focus on the first Burselin one injection on Wed and take it from there xx


Hi Barbara1012. That will keep you busy! Good luck with it all! Diane

Thanks Diane, hope you’re ok xx

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