A little bit frustrated

Hi , so me and hubbie have had our 2nd consultation with the hospital and they can only refer us to a tertiary unit in the next 4 months once hubbie is smoke free for 6months for IVF. I understand that this is the rules and protocols but it just feels like a really, really long waiting game and until we get referred which will only be in 2016. Am feeling annoyed, frustrated and helpless .....Any advice on how to cope and remain positive and deal with the questions and pressure over the next few months will be appreciated.

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  • Hi Priz

    Don't know if this will help but when my clinic started to mess me about with my appointments, telling me I would have to wait longer than they first said, I went to my GP who sent a letter to my consultant and I got seen within a few weeks

    Good luck

  • Thanks Big D, will definitely get my GP to help too !

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