Down regging blues

Hey ladies, thought I was doing well getting away with no symptoms whilst down regging, then yesterday (day 6) i hit a wall of tiredness, rly struggled to do anything at work as felt totally shattered and despite a gd sleep last night I still feel sooooo tired and have a bit of a fuzzy head. Is anyone else feeling the same whilst down regging? Xx

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  • Hi bearface . I was just about to write a post about down regs.. Im now on day 9 and am feeling great. Was wandering if I am to expect any changes soon. My husband jokingly says can I take these for ever as I'm really happy at the moment. Long may it continue :-) I hope you start to feel better soon and not so tired xx

  • Thanks. Hopefully you'll continue in without any symptoms. Gonna try to shake myself out of this tiredness and get on with things! Xx

  • I felt the same and really struggled to concentrate while I was on buserelin. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • I also feel tired, despite sleeping well most nights. Sleep can often be effected by the meds plus the stress/worry on top. You're supposed to feel better once you start taking the Progynova.

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