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Slow responder?

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and was able to give me some advice.

I started FSH injections on Sunday and went for a blood test this morning. The clinic phoned me asking me to come in for a scan on Monday. I was expecting this, but then she said I hadn't responded to the FSH as well as they would have liked (my test showed 230 of something and they would hope for at least 400 - not sure what this measurement was).

I am beginning to loose hope, although she did say I may just be a slow responder.

Has anybody experienced anything similar?

Thanks x

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Hi Flower1979. Try not to worry too much about your response, as you only started injecting last Sunday. These can go on from 7-14 days depending upon your response. The scan on Monday, will give you a better idea as to how long you will be on the injections. Fingers crossed that all turns out OK for you. Diane


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