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Advise over whether to use fresh or frozen sperm?

When we left the clinic they advised that DHs sample was good & they gave us the report. To be honest it was his best result to date & they even commented that based on that sample, although chances are reduced, a natural pregnancy is possible!

They automatically froze his sample (for free) and said we can use it for our next attempt but fresh is best.

Husband is now saying he wont fly out with me in January as its extra cost & they already have what they need from him. My opinion is, what if the sample doesn't defrost right or what if they cant get a good one or what if I just need him there.... also its 2weeks by myself having a general anaesthetic and travelling.

What would you do, insist he comes or just go on your own & save the extra cash?

Confused :(

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Ohhhh what a situation 😔 sometimes they don't understand that u just want them do they... I got the hump with my other half cause I thought he couldn't come to just one of our appointments...

I think you should tell him u need him with you Hun not just for his "sample" but emotionally as a husband! It's lonely and stressful enough without doing it on ur own!

If u speak to him and tell him how you feel hopefully he'll realise and u won't have to go it alone.

Good luck and lots of baby dust 😘👶🏻🍀

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Hello Poochi, it's obviously entirely up to you and your hubby. I have been for things alone when my hubby's been unavailable and would have no problem spending some time abroad on my own but I think I would want my hubby there for EC etc.

If he is there could he not give a fresh sample on the day and the clinic could make a call on whehter that's better than the frozen sample?

Plus it's always good to have someone there if you need to make any further decisions (e.g. How many to transfer?).

Good luck! x


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