7dp5dt showed BFN

Hi, finally I dared test it and I am 7dp5dt the result is negative. Official date to test is a week after.

Although I would continue medicine as prescribed till ODT, but

I felt it better to know earlier, I didn't melt down at all. May be I tested before more hope was built on, may be for the next week I would do better with no hope at all and that wouldn't hurt me more I'd I got a negative again.

I had mild twinges and cramps in abdomen and ignored them completely, and having very sour painful breasts throughout. And I was right to say to myself on these signs that "my body! You are liar, stop befooling me through these signs! I am not gonna believe you until positive result"

I think I am standing in front of myself arguing, denying any fake hopes, fighting with myself to keep it on track.... Perhaps I have built kind of safety mechanism to cope in case anything else happens!!!!

This was two embryos put back in, also it was third try with one fresh transfer and two FET... This one being second FET.

From now on, I am giving me a lesson "stay strong, stay strong, stay strong......"

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  • It makes me laugh at any title of myself being strong.... Because in continues counseling sessions, I am already dealing with my inability to grieve... I have such a mask that never let's me show how I feel... May be this time the mask is gonna be there on me even in front of counselor... I know it hurts me inside but... I am tired of this game of BFN and recurring greif... In IVF ICSI journey..

  • Stay strong... I need to do so too. I had the same signs as you x xx same result x

  • You've probably tested too early so try to hang out until OTD. I didn't buy pregnancy tests until the day before OTD to avoid temptation. The drugs can cause the symptoms you're describing but presence or lack of symptoms doesn't seem to indicate a positive or negative result.

    Hang in there and fingers crossed for BFP.

  • I also gave in and tested a week early and got a BFN. I was completely devastated, I cried all day and was heartbroken. I was so angry at myself for testing early and putting myself through the pain I was feeling. I had stupidly thought i would be ok if it was a BFN and better to have found out sooner so I had more time to get over it. I was so wrong as it broke mine and my husbands heart and it was hard to remain positive until my OTD, it made the 2nd wk of my 2ww seem like an eternity! Anyway, my OTD arrived and much to my complete shock and surprise there on the test was two lines a BFP!!! So please please do not give up hope, our bodies do strange things during IVF and that is why we are given an OTD so that we can get an accurate result!! Stay strong and stay positive, you are not out of the game yet!!! Good luck xx

  • Hmmm pm27 and Lou79! It's very supporting to know of your examples and to look for some hope in this black hole... Yes .. And I am strange when I knew I got some hope... Only then a tiny tear rolled down... Otherwise I feel all tears are down somewhere and they do not come to give me relief...

    Well Mel30 let's wait and see xx

  • I can relate to you testing early and protecting yourself and also the stress is less. As people say testing early May not be the result on the official day but in some respect you are prepared and the stress will be less and you know what they do say less stress hormone may result in that positive.

    Take care of yourself xxxxxx

  • Thanks kirdrew xx

  • Hi hopeforICSI, I'm also in middle of 2WW and everything I've read says the HCG isn't enough to show up until 9dp5dt so keep hoping! Stay strong x

  • Thanks dear Lynnr54 xxx

  • What test did you use? Clearblue Digi often doesn't pick up a BFP til much later, First Response 6 days earlier is a bit better. Don't lose hope. Xxx

  • I tested early and got negative and thatade it easier for me to handle but not hubby he was devastated....still is but just wait til test days our bodies can sometimes be amazing....

    I know exactly how you feel.

    Good luck 😘

  • You are right dear kerishp, I used clear blue... May be that's reason. Anyways now there is no chance for me to test early... Coz I had only one test left.... DH says he won't bring anymore test before the date blessed him xx

  • Clearblue digi told me I was 1-2 weeks pregnant when I knew I was 3 -4 weeks (cue major panic about HCG levels dropping). I really don't think the digital tests are as accurate as they claim. I've got everything crossed for your OTD. Xx

  • Thanks kernishp XXX

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