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Nurse appointment went well - treatment plan is now in place!!

After waiting 2 months to see if my rubella levels had risen, finally I got to see the nurse yesterday about putting my treatment plan together.

It all feels rather surreal to me, over the years it was always something that I had in front of me and now the time as finally come. So depending when my next period starts (should be in 1.5 weeks), after 3 days for the first base scan and then another 2 or 3 to follow. Drugs are arriving tomorrow (they are nearly £300)! Was shown how to inject myself, poor tummy is going to be bruised, two lots to take followed by a final trigger one at the end before insemination. Also shown about the dissolving tablet that I need to insert! Hoping the scans and insemination will be ok and not too uncomfortable. Think I've chosen which donor to go with (that was really hard as I had to choose out of 6) and with no picture, just a brief description is harder than people think. Whoever they are, they must be fairly caring to want to do it in the first place - that's what I keep telling myself.

My poor head is like a roller coaster though, hoping it's all going to work out ok but also a little worried about giving birth!! I guess this is all normal x

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Good luck Distinction72! Try not to think too far ahead as you will drive yourself mad! Focus only on what's in front of you that day. You'll be absolutely fine! Are you having IUI or IVF? x

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Thank you for your reply.

I think I have driven myself a little mad already! It's all I seem to think about at the moment.

I'm having IUI or DI as it is also known as x

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Wishing you the best of luck. The injections are not so bad and you will get used to them. Be prepared for your period to be late, as when you actually want your period to arrive, its always late! Stay strong xxxxx

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Thank you!! My medication arrived today - 2 boxes but a lot of it was packaging!!

I guess if a cycle fails and you are waiting for your next period, that's going to be annoying as you just want to get on with it!

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

I'm on FaceBook if you would like contact that way - not many people on there know I am even going through this as I've not announced it (yet).

I'm wondering whether the medication is going to cause any side effects - I'm trying to keep calm but do stress from time to time!

Where are you at on your treatment? How many tries have you had?



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