Yesterday we went for an "open evening" to see what their process and procedures are like, and I must say we both wet fairly confident thatscwheteceoukd like our treatment to take place, they just seemed so advanced. What impressed me the most Idcthey not only treat each case differently but also do a dummy run so when it comes to doing the treatment for real, there should not be any complications, like anything, it's not guaranteed.

Has anyone here had any experience or indeed going through CRGH?

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  • I sent you a PM as well.

  • Hi sanj76, i sent you a pm.

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  • Ok fair enough Alison, thanks for informing me

  • Hi Sanj76

    I've got my first appointment with UCLH next week and their treatment is via CRGH. I'm glad to hear you are impressed with them. Hope you don't mind me asking, are you NHS or privately funding?

    I privately funded my first cycle else where and now I'm going to use my one NHS cycle at UCLH.

    Thanks x

  • Hiya IggiePiggy,

    We are yet to be referred to them but we seeing our local fertility clinic end if this month, as get the ball rolling at the end of the month. My wife had gone to see CRGH a few weeks ago and the consultant said we "needed to be aware of funding will be approved" ( we are going through NHS as my wife is 38yrs).

    I was curious to know how we go about this? Does my consultant ( before approaching CRGH for us) do this during the application process or do we have to discuss our chosen clinic with our GP, after we have seen the consultant and established that we are all good to go... and get them to apply for funding?

    How do we know if funding for us us approved? How long does it take

    ( we have never had kids either)

  • Hi Sanj76

    I'm the same age as your wife. I have endometriosis and have been referred by my gynaecologist and fertility nurses to UCLH to have IVF due to my disease and age. We don't have any kids either. They arranged all my blood tests for me and my husband and sent it off with my application in July. I've got an appointment on 17th but I don't know when they'll start treatment. I think they'll go through everything with me and when treatment starts it'll be at UCLH and then CRGH for monitoring, egg collection and transfer.

    I think the referral will come from your fertility clinic as they'll do the paperwork and probably your tests to help with your application. Have you been to your fertility clinic before?

    Have a look at your local CCG's IVF policy and see what their eligibility criteria is and then you should be able to work out if you'll get funding or not. Google it if you can't find it on their website.

    I didn't get a letter saying my funding has been approved I've only got my appointment at UCLH. I'm not sure if I'm approved or not but I meet the criteria so and my gynaecologist says I do so I hope I'll be ok.


  • Thank you so much, that's clears things up a lot more

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