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Hi all

Unfortunately, we found out last week my husband and I's cycle didn't work for us. Heartbroken doesn't come close to that feeling when the nurse says those awful words.

However, I can't dwell on this cycle, as nothing can be changed and must look to the next cycle. I am therefore considering acupuncture. I am in the Worcester area, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

Many thank in advance

Clare x

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Hi Clare. So sorry to hear that your cycle of treatment didn’t work this time round, and obviously, I do wish you both well when you do decide to try again. I just thought I would copy the following for you to have a look at from our website, and hope it helps with a little information. I can’t recommend a practitioner, as it would be seen as advertising, but just make sure that whoever you see is a member of the “British Acupuncture Council”. Diane

“Acupuncture prior and during IVF treatment can help improve imbalances in health, strengthen the immune system and support the emotions. This allows the body to cope and tolerate tests, drug protocols and IVF procedures. The constitutional health of the parents around the time of conception is passed on to your child; acupuncture can strengthen this genetic inheritance”.

Acupuncture treatment prior and or with IVF can help:

• Improve your immune system, constitutional health and well-being

• Regulate hormone levels including FSH and LH

• Reduce symptoms arising from drug treatment

• Improve the quality of the endometrium and pelvic blood flow

• Reduce pain and discomfort

• Reduce the chance of miscarriage

• Support emotions, relieving anxiety


Thank you Diane. Much appreciated x 💓


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