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Advice on getting notes transferred from nhs to private clinic

Has anyone had to request their results & notes be passed on to a private clinic?

I phoned my nhs clinic and explained I would be going to a private clinic next, and they put me through to the legal dept. The legal dept emailed me three forms which seem to read like a data protection request and need a third party signature. The process could take 40 days!

I just expected they could send copies of results easily. Throughout the process I was never given any blood test results in writing, and even the final result of the ET I don't seem to have any paperwork on. I just have some details of treatment which I can show the new clinic, such as the number of eggs collected etc.

Hopefully the private clinic are used to all this and it will become clear when I see them next week.

Anyone else got experience of transferring notes.

Thanks, xxx

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Hey Hun it sounds like you are having a difficult time trying to get your own notes!!

When I went from NHS to private I went to the clinic I was referred to and they gave me copies of all my tests there and then likewise with my Drs. (Albeit I had to pay something like 20p a copy - very random!).

Don't really understand why they are making you fill in data protection forms when they will have taken your blood previously for gods sake. Seems pedantic!

Hope you get it sorted soon hun. X

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When I transfered from NHS to private I had to do the same thing. Completed a request form got a friend to witness then sent it in with a payment of £50. Within a week a got a call to go to clinic to pick it up just had to provide ID. Its your whole treatment file with all the results, scans, letters, blood test and notes from the Dr everything. Found out a few things I didn't know or weren't told from my file. Had this for my first consultation at my private clinic and it helped them gave an idea of treatment plan. So may be quicker for you to collect from your clinic to take to the new one.

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Hi smallcat. i think that what Miss mmc has said is about right. However, costs do vary, and of course collecting in person with proof of who you are and possibly a utility bill too will be needed. Try and remember that whatever you have had done, make sure you get a copy of as you go along, as under the Patients' Charter you are allowed to do this. that way, you will always have your own little folder of "stuff" to take with you to any clinic. Diane

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I had to personally request and collect my notes in person. It was £35. They gave me a ready date, when I went to collect.

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I requested mine and laid 35 it took about 3 weeks came

In the post. Keep on at them and say it's urgent.

Be wary as they scan even morso of paper revelant or not when my new consultant looked at it most of it was useless.

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Cheers, really useful to know how it works. I started the process of obtaining notes via the NHS legal dept who sent me the forms. Then when I saw the private clinic they said that she (the embryologist) could request the details direct from the nhs embryologist, which then enables them to arrange transportation of the frozen embryos & sperm.

I was told to hold off requesting my notes as they both needed to have access to them during this exchange as the legal dept takes them off the database in order to send to me. Anyhow, just glad I didn't rush to request the notes in writing or would have delayed the whole thing. I think this issue is specific to GRI, so likely doesn't happen elsewhere.

Cheers, xxx


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