Hello everyone .. Update and it doesnt look good at all .. My HCG levels were down to 47 on 29th april and i was wondering if they were gone on 4th so done hpt and line was still there as i posted picture it went darker on 7th april so i went for another test the same day .. Got result today and level jumped up to 123 plus i started bleeding this morning with cramping last night ... Waiting on clinic to phone me back will probably hv to get another blood done and maybe scan but they say its still too early to see something .. I had strange feeling about it and now even more scared that its in my tube or something x :( no happy

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  • Hi Miroslava. This is quite a nightmare time for you. If you had 2 embryos transferred, then the bleeding could be due to one of them not progressing satisfactorily. However, I would be encouraged by the fact that your hCG level has risen. Hopefully, by the time you have your next blood test taken, you will have a good idea what is going on. Let’s hope that it is all still positive for you. Diane

  • Thanx Diane i am having emergency scan tomorrow to see whats happening x really would be nicer what u said and it would end all good than what they think it might be an ectopic .. Getting weird feeling on right side so hope will no have to rush earlier x thank you for reply

  • Hi Miroslava. So pleased to read that you are having a scan tomorrow. At least you will finally know what is happening. Just rest when you can and drink plenty of water. It is safe to take some paracetamol too if you need to. Keeping everything crossed. Diane

  • Hi miroslava.

    I agree with Diana maybe one isn't settling. I really hope that is the case and you have one healthy embryo left. Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Thinking of you and hoping you get some good news you deserve some. Sorry to hear that you've had such a hard time. I think with etcoptic pregnancies the pain is overwhelming and you be hospitalized. Obviously I'm not medical you must be guided by wot your nurses And doctors are advising you to do X

  • Just on way back from scan they done normal one and internal and they didnt see nothing at all wrong ... So had more blood took and will know either today or tomorrow what is hcg doin xx

  • Miroslava must be a huge relief that nothing is wrong. Good luck with hcg blood test results, Really hope that one of your embryos has settled X

  • Hi Jess seen u had some positive news there as well x u deserve it all good and hope u get your shot on all this soon with great result x well they said to me that its too early to see something in uterus and for 4 weeks they would expect much higher hcg levels .. And they didnt see nothing in tubes yet but it doesnt mean theres 100 no chance something will show later its kinda still bad time and bit early for last words and noone phone today with result so waiting again til tomorrow x

  • Hi everyone x so my numbers this morning are 62 .. She said there must of bn a bit of tissue left behind that's why it jumped back a bit .. Am to go back next week for another test and it should be all gone x

  • Very sad today x can't say I hoped much but there was wee tiny hope left deep inside x now it just feel like we are fighting the impossible :( x after two negative experiences I doubt I will ever manage to think positive x

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