Pain versus Cramping

Hi all, I just wondered what types of pain or cramping any of you pregnant ladies might have had? I'm 9+4 weeks and I've had period like cramping pains which I believe are normal, but yesterday I had slight pain (quickly came & went about 6 times throughout afternoon) in my left ovary area, feel ok today - I'm obviously worrying but just wanted advice. Seeing the mid-wife on Friday x

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  • Hi Cal79. It is very common to have these types of pains during early pregnancy. Often it is due to your womb starting to stretch upwards, and pulling on the broad ligaments that suspend your womb either side. You should start to feel some relief when you get to around 12/40wks of pregnancy, as the top of your womb is just peeping over your pubic hair line. Good luck with the midwife – all getting exciting! Diane

  • Thank you so much for the speedy reply Diane - you've definitely put my mind at ease 😊 All very exciting, looking forward to meeting the midwife and hopefully getting my next scan date. I'm sure all pregnant women over analyse & worry that the baby is growing & developing well-I'm certainly one of those women 😜 x

  • Hi Cal79. My pleasure! I’m sure your midwife will support you along the way, but if I can help at all, I will do my best (ex-midwife). Just look forward to your next scan, which will reassure you greatly. Can’t do much about worries, but you’re not on your own! I have not met a pregnant woman who hasn’t had any! There’s a lot going on inside you at the moment during the first 12/40wks as your little one is changing from a “bean” into a tiny baby – how exciting is that? Diane

  • Hi Cal - Congratulations. Its completely normal as long as your not bleeding - and even women who bleed there is often nothing wrong! I remember feeling all kinds of shooting pains that I had no experienced before, and its scary at first as you are not sure whats going on - and they hurt alot more then period pain! Your body is going through alot of change so just rest up when possible, take it easy and whenever you get cramps just drink water xxx

  • Thank you both 😊 I've had a much nicer day thinking it's my body getting ready & my bean growing & developing - I'm trying to embrace it & look forward to that scan 👍 I will defo increase water, think I've been trying to not need a wee so badly in the night so reduced slightly - hopefully that will help. I've been treated to a facial & pedicure today so had a lovely relaxing afternoon 😊 Fab to have an ex-midwife for advice though, thanks Diane 😃 x

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