2 Days Post ET

Hi all I a just wandering what I should be feeling 2 days after my ET. I had some fluttery feeling and twinges the day after transfer, but now i,m not feeling anything at all.

Is anyone else feeling anything different and day 2 post ET.

I,m trying my hardest to relax and get on with things but this is our 2nd attempt and the 2ww is hard to cope with :(

Would be very grateful for any advise/comments

Thanks guys x

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  • Hi pjblondie. Oh this 2WW can be such a nightmare! You’ve had so much intense treatment, and then you are just left! I call it “knicker watching” fortnight, because that is just what it is! All you can do is to try and keep yourself busy, and make sure you continue to drink plenty of water too. I think your “twinges” are probably just down to your ET procedure, so should be nothing to worry about. You’re nearly half-way through the wait now, so all I can do is to wish you well for a positive result. Diane

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