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2day transfer

Hi, I'm going in for my embryos to be transferred. They only managed to retrieve2eggs from supposedly 7follicles. They didn't give me a proper reason for this disappointing result. I will turn 42 next month. Has anyone had a 2day transfer? I'm assuming that they'll put back both embryos. Aren't the chances of conceiving twins higher? Or do they think this won't happen because of my age?

Any responses would be gratefully received. X

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Hi I had a toe day transfer too a week today and they didn't mention multi births to me. I'm a twin so one child would be amazing. They put them back on a two day transfer because I had a tip embryo growing and quick rates and it has better chances back in the woman than out. So I took that as a positive and I think you should. Lots is special baby dust and I'll keep toes and fingers crossed for both off us. Good luck x x x


I'm 42 and only got 2 eggs from 8 follicles on our second go, there were 13 on the first cycle so I was disappointed with that and they couldn't give an explanation. Both our embryos were transferred last week on day 3. They'll probably put both embryos in but should discuss this with you so if all goes well you could have twins.

Good luck.


My 6th round of IVF I only had 1 follicle and 1 egg. It was perfect and transferred on day 2. The embryo grows better in its natural environment. That little embryo is now a very healthy active 2 year old!


Wow, that is amazing. Congratulations x


Thank you for your replies ladies.

I had my ET yesterday morning and they did put both back as they weren't of optimal quality so they are better off in a natural incubator than in an artificial one. The chances of me having twins are very low because of my age. But according to the consultant who did the transfer, we have a 10% chance of conceiving with these particular embryos given my age.

I'm currently reading a book called 'trying to get pregnant (and succeeding) by Marisa Peer, which is about influencing your body with your mind. It's a brilliant read and I highly recommend it to all of us going through ivf.

I've already started talking to my embryos and telling them how much they are wanted and not to give up. in my mind , they are fighters as they carried on dividing despite considerable fragmentation which is why the embryologist decided they were good enough for transfer.

So good luck to everybody and lots of baby dust xxx

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