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Anything I should be drinking/eating egg production stage?

I just read something about drinking lots of water when at egg production stage!??

And eating lots of protein after egg collection!?

I get a bit confused between myths and fact, my clinic hasn't told me any of this.

Do you ladies know the tips for giving yourself the best chance at the stage I'm at. ( started gonalf f 3 days ago) .

Thank you for your support x x

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I've heard about the drinking plenty of water - so I have been doing this through out the process as much as I can, but focusing on it now. No idea if it will help, but I am guessing it cant do any harm! :-)


i was told water but I think its also due to the drugs giving you headaches thus can help that plus your ovaries swelling. I also aimed to drink a pint ish of milk so I had cereal for breakfast and supper which I tend to anyway. Other than that just eat sensibly. I did cut off caffeine drinks though


The protein thing was pushed by my clinic, especially just before and after egg collection. I was having grilled or roast chicken every day - in fact I kept a Tupperware of roast chicken meat in the fridge to pick at as a snack, and plenty of eggs and cheese too.

Plenty of protein, plenty of water and otherwise be sensible and lay off the caffeine/alcohol/sugar. I wouldn't worry too much beyond that, the stress is counterproductive!


Thank you, I will try my best x


My clinic advises 1 litre of semi skimmed milk per day during treatment (yuck I hate milk) and plenty of water. Sensible eating, avoid alcohol and caffeine...

Good luck.


I have heard that during stimms to avoid dairy like milk and cheese as it contains hormones and can mess with the balance... So it's a bit confusing.


Brazil nuts,pineapple,pineapple core after transfer..its a lot of good advice I find on google.


I just drank lots of water, my friend who was at a private clinic was told to drink milk and I don't like milk at all. But made a few smoothies that didn't go down so smoothly-!! But I did try and eat loads of natural yoghurt in the hope worked along the same lines. After transfer Brazil nuts, pomegranate juice, all of a pineapple bar skin are all supposed to help with your lining. Me like a wally didn't realise you only needed a few Brazil nuts a day, there was me eating a whole packet a day and they were horrid... Also avoid any foods that you can't eat during pregnancy after transfer and in the 2ww.

I've also heard eat warming foods like soup etc in the 2ww.. And wear socks to keep your feet warm. I had so much advice given to me from ladies I have met who have previously been through IVF, the Instagram ttc community and my fertility acupuncturist. I think sometimes your tod and read so much stuff trying to do it all can be super stressful. I did most of the above to be honest except the warming foods..not sure if that's what helped me get my BFP but felt I'd throw everything at it..

Wish you all the best of luck


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