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Test day early?

Quick update

Got 2 eggs both fertilized

One a grade 4 put it

Other grade 2 destroyed

2 ww. Day 10 home test negative. Night 11 when putting in gel noticed brown red colour afraid it could b period. Day 12 home test negative n still brown red colour when I wipe after toilet.

The hospital sent me home with their test I take it its better than store brands or is it wishful thinking.

Test due on day 14 but I want my daughter to give me the result so she feels included so was going to to it tomor day 13 should I do it then or wait till day 14 and does it really have to be mornin to get best results

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I would wait until day 14 and do it in the morning. The morning wee has the strongest amount of the pregnancy hormone so if it's a positive then it will catch it. I'd leave it until day 14 just to squeeze that extra bit of positive. Fingers crossed for you xx


I tested day early and it tested negative. Day after was positive, couldn't beleive it. Try and wait if you can


Hi I would wait till day 14 and yes your first wee you have that morning, hope all goes well for you... I have my fingers and toes crossed xxxx


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