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Hello everyone .. still patiently waiting for new year to come and call from clinic to start our treatment. Nurse didnt phone back about my recipient so i take it noone picked me but she said we will still start and eggs will go to egg bank .. when i look back to 2014 its unbelievable how things changed .. how i changed and how big progress we made. It was long wait and everyday seemed like forever and only days we went to clinic counted but same time seems like very fast year but thats maybe coz i was wishing it away .. we are all so strong and i am proud of myself and everyone of you goin thru this and fighting our wars we deserve good 2015 .. we deserve to be mothers coz we want to be the best ones .. our babies wont be accidents but dreams and miracles .. all the best to 2015 to you your partners and families and to all of them good angels doctors and nurses and others who help us going thru the biggest point in our lives x Happy New Year when it comes xx

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Hi miroslava, I agree with you, I felt once we got referred for treatment it's gone so quick and also find myself wishing the time away. Its so true what you said about our babies been dreams and miracles couldn't have put it better myself. Good luck on your journey and happy new year xx


Beautifully put miroslava :) I also feel like that way too.. 2014 was the biggest progress year in the whole time we've been ttc..we finally got answers for our infertility and I've been taking thyroxine(a thyroids meds ) for the last few months for my underactive thyroid and this will give us a better chance of our ivf working :) Like you next year we get to put our plan into action :) I feel like the waiting around part is coming to an end very excited and a little nervous :) Just waiting now for my clinic to be in touch with me ( was given the impression by the nurse the other week it won't be that long !) once I'm matched up then it's all systems go!!

Wishing you all the best with it all and I'm sure 2015 will be a fab year for us :) Do stay in touch X


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