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Don't give up!!!

Hi every1, i am 38yrs old been trying for 11yrs. South African reading all the posts from Cape Town RSA. i have severe endometriosis been for 7 surgery's and both my tubes removed. had 2 failed IVF cycles. Been on numerous treatments etc.my right tube was removed in September this year. Was given the treatment for IVF but 1 egg was taken out but never matured. 3 eggs were empty sacks. So now im on a 3 month injection to suppress my hormones and after the 3 months will be given medication to boost my hormones. I am writing today to place a bit of hope in the hearts of those giving up or receiving bad news. Hang in there your case might not be as bad as others. All I've been through im not giving up. We dont know each other we are from all over the world yet we share the same pain the same heart ache. we are not alone. Be strong. i know somedays are tough but please dont give up. love Ziyah

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Thanks for a lovely hopeful post. It’s an inspiration to hear that you remain so positive despite all that you’ve been through. Good luck xx


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