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Hi ladies. I thought I better update you with my good news after all the doom and gloom of yesterday. Im really sorry I didn't get back to u sooner. U will be pleased to hear its good news- thank goodness. Im soooooooo relieved. The san showed that Im still pregnant and there was a heartbeat! It was amazing and I cant put into words the relief i felt-...and shock! Im so utterly grateful to you all for ur reassuring words as I was in such a state before I posted on the site, but all the encouragement made such a difference and calmed me down when I most needed it. So thank you soooooo much. I was still terrified but you helped me stay positive and get through it. This website has been invaluable over the last few weeks- with everyone's knowledge, opinions, experiences and overwhelming support! I will stop the gushing now! :-) xxx

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  • Big congratulations lovely so happy for you :D xxxx

  • Hello. I am so so so pleased for you. Gald you have the news you wanted. :) now relax and take it easy. :) so happy for you ️Xxx

  • Bella I am so happy for you, i was thinking for you and hoping everything to go well with your pregnancy. Well in this case you even managed to get a early scan which of course is not the best way but i am really pleased you saw a heart beat it must has been amazing experience. Now i think you should take plenty of rest after the emotional stress, thanks for keeping us updated xxx

  • Ooooo!!!! how pleased i am to hear every thing is ok, i was thinking about you all night hoping you haven't lost it, i am so pleased for you, take things easy and make sure your looking after your self and baby. xxx

  • Oh my that must be a huge relief and so lovely to read it. I was so sad when I read your update a few days ago, but hoped it would be a false alarm. I hope the bleeding has stopped now, and ensure you take a lot of rest and relaxation, TLC etc..Congratulations to you. xx

  • Fantastic news lovely XXXXXX ❀️

  • I am thrilled for you. I Really wanted to inbox u but was unsure what to say. Keep well best of luck with you pregnancey. Xxxxx

  • And relax...... :-) congratulations! X

  • Wow! Congratulations!!! So so so happy for you :-) now enjoy every minute of it :-) xxxxx

  • I am so happy for you!!! I was thinking about you and hoped that you guys would get the good news!! Maybe you and I are those few that will have that type of bleeding but still be fine, cause we got kickass babies in the oven :)

  • Great news, congratulations

  • Thanks so much for all the lovely messages ladies! Have been in the Cotswolds with no signal-hence the delayed response! Am trying to relax now and hoping there will be no more hideous dramas! Yes- Sandra84- I hope it means that they are little fighters! :-) xx

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