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Scan day tomorrow


Going for my scan tomorrow to check I’ve shut down after the decapaptyl injection!! I had my normal period which was fine but then on Friday I started bleeding again!! It was only very light, I rang the clinic and she said it was normal to do that!! The bleeding is still there and I’m just hoping they can still scan me tomorrow!

Anyone else had this???? Xx

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Hey lovely, i am not on the same protocol as you but had my baseline scan last week which was to check lining all was quiet on the ovary front - I was on Day 3 of my period and they said it was fine to scan (apparently happens all the time) - and just got on with it.

All the best tomorrow xx

Ah thank you!! With her saying it was normal to bleed I’m hoping that it means the injection has worked!! Think she said I could bleed till I start the tablets!!

I just worry that we’ll get all the way there and they say they can’t scan me!! But I’m sure they will!!

Was all good with your scan??? Xx

They will - the scan throughout the cycle, I was panicking too, but it’s a standard day in the office to them :)

Yeah all fine thanks - started stimming that same day and go back for another scan Friday and I should know more then xx

Brill that’s good!! Glad all was ok xx

Good luck Lisa 💞 xx

Thank you xx

You are meant to bleed and don't worry if you still have residual bleeding, the clinics are used to it & can still scan you! Best of luck, all sounding good so far!xx

Thank you!! That’s good to hear, I don’t want a wasted trip xx


Good luck for your scan tomorrow xoxo

Lisaworthy1981 in reply to Hidden

Thank you xx

Good luck x

Thank you xx

Just wanted to wish you luck, goodluck for tomorrow xxx

Thank you xx fingers are crossed everything is how it should be

Fingers crossed 🤞 keep us updated x

I will do xx

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