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Hi, I'm new today, and I'm not sure what to do where to go or who to turn to :-( I'm 32 and have 2 daughters aged 12 and 13 from a previous marriage, I was sterilised at the age of 21 as at the time I didn't want anymore children as I thought I would be with my daughters father for good, but he turned out to be somewhere he wasn't!!!!!! I'm now with a great man whom I've been with for 3 years and got married to in February of this year, he's my soul mate and best friend but he's also my carer as I have chiari malformation and syringomyelia it's a condition where the cerebellum part of brain has collapsed down the top of my spine and is causing lots of pressure and pain, and nerve damage, that leads me on to my next question my husband and I would love nothing more than to have a child together he has 2 himself 1 that he doesn't see as the mother as up and left and the other daughter aged 11 lives in Spain and visits every month and every school holiday but seeing hurt in his eyes when she lives is ripping me apart more and more knowing that I can't give him that child:-( we've spoke about adoption but feel that the child will obviously be loved but just won't be ours, I'm considering looking into this egg share program that I have looked at on the net as I have no reason why my eggs are no good to go to another couple and in return I have ivf but I don't no if that's possible as I'm on benefits and if my health conditions will get in the way, the other option that has come up I was confiding in my good friend about it all and she said that due to my health that she would carry the child for me using my eggs and my partners sperm but I don't no how and if that is allowed, but if it is how do I find out about it???

Sorry for the long essay.

If anyone can help point me in any direction I would be much appreciated......

Many thanks

Princessprince xoxoxo :-)

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