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Day 12 of injections

Hi I have started all my gonal f injections 225, on day 12, plus nasal spray. Had scan this morning and just now I have 3 follicles ready - is this enough- I feel this is quite low. Should I have more, to have some follicles which are borderline so may do the injections for another day or 2 then the booster injection. The nurse said everything is going well.

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Hi LN26. I was just wondering whether you should be still using the nasal spray? Usually, you stop this once they are happy with your scan to check for womb lining and potential cysts. Then if all is OK you use the stimulation drug to produce follicles on your ovaries. Perhaps this is the way the clinic wants you to have the drugs, but I would check. Diane


Hi, they are going to phone me with results between 2-4 and tell me when Iv to stop injections and nasal and take the booster.


I had 1 egg on fertility treatment number 6, they did IVF anyway. I was on 450 gonal f. I got a beautiful little girl. Treatment 7, our final attempt I had 2 follicles and 3 eggs. (Gonal f 600!) I am now on the lovely 2ww... The quality of your eggs is more important than the quantity.


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