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Skipping a month of clomid? Any advice?

Hi Ladies

Im on day 2 and fighting with myself to skip this month of clomid or to take them. I have PCOS and have been waiting for my period since May - the first batch of clomid didnt work so i should today be starting a double dose 100mg.

From taking the 50mg of clomid I did feel a little more flaky and emotional than usual, other than that I had a few slight twinges in my stomach.

So the fight im having with myself is to skip this month and wait god knows how long for my next period. Or to go ahead and take them and wear this thread im hanging together by even thinner? My mother is in hospital at the moment, this it the reasoning behind the weigh up!



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Hi weetwinkle. If you have been prescribed treatment with Clomid by a consultant, then you should continue until the end of the treatment, or when you become pregnant – whichever happens first. If your period is delayed at the end of the cycle, then you should do a pregnancy test to check whether to proceed with the next cycle or not. They symptoms you have experienced are about right for the side effects of Clomid, so no worries there. The whole idea is to get you to have a regular cycle and to ovulate, so it needs to be persistent and not an “on/off” treatment. Hope all works out well for you. Diane


Thanks Diane! Helpful as always, what would I do without you xx


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