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We are approaching our 2nd go at IVF, worried at my hormone levels may be out which could be why I have had two miscarriages?

Anybody got any other info on hormone levels and where is the best place to get them checked out. At the start of our second IVF journey, nearly two years ago I had my levels checked at the doctors and they seemed 'normal'. Since them no one has suggested I have them tested again , even the specialist at the clinic. Is two year old info still relevant , I'm 43 this year. Should I ask to go private and go to a Gynecologist? cash flow very tight so wondering what other options there may be. Surely the IVF clinic should be checking this before our next attempt? Freaking out a bit here as my although my periods are bang on 28 day cycle they only last for 2/3 days. is this a sign that i am low in estrogen? really appreciate any feed back.

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Hi Loulou, have you checked out NK cell testing? We also had 2 miscarriages and found that there was an imbalance of positive/negative cells in embryo so now being treated for this, have done IUI and now 9 weeks into cycle without bleeding.Medication early in cycle can give things a stronger start to get over the first trimester and although initial consultation is private it is only a few hundred pounds. Other option is a miscarriage screening test to check all levels but it all takes time. Good luck.


Hi loulou11. I'm sure if you approach your GP, he/she will organise a blood test for you to check your hormone levels. Also, as you have already suffered 2 miscarriages, do ask when you go for your next appointment, whether you need to take any supportive treatment such as soluble aspirin, heparin etc. Always worth an ask, oh, and I'm sure the clinic will be checking your hormones too before you start your cycle of treatment. I wish you well with your next cycle. Diane


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