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One cycle of clomid? Confused again!


Has anyone else only been given a prescription for one cycle of clomid? I was at the consultant a few weeks back who told me he would write to my gp for a prescription for a three month cycle of clomid and I was given two blood sample envelopes to have two sets day 21 bloods taken throughout the course. Now I've been to collect prescription and have only been given one cycle of five 50mg tablets. I called the consultants secretary who is going to check this with the consultant as the letter to gp only states one cycle for five days. Does this seem strange to anyone else? Xx

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Hi weetwinkle. I think you will find that you have been recommended to have up to 3 cycles of Clomid. Often these are written as 3 separate prescriptions, as there is always the possibility that you could become pregnant on the first cycle. All down to cutting costs I’m afraid, not because they don’t trust you with 3 lots of Clomid at once. The correct dose is 50 or 100mgs Clomid taken for 5 days, starting on the 2nd day of your menstrual cycle. You then get your Day21 blood test done to check for ovulation, then wait for your next bleed to start again, or maybe you might be pregnant – let’s hope so. Diane


Thanks Diane.

Just when I think I've got my head round what's going on something like this happens and turns everything upside down! Lol. So would I take this 5 day course of clomid on my next cycle,have the bloods then wait 2-3 months until I'm back to consultant in July. And possible do the same another two times over? All seems very drawn out! Xx


We were given 6 months worth in one go by our fertility nurse. I didn't have to go to GP to ask for prescription, I think the consultant at fertility clinic authorised it. I still had to go and have a scan after taking them for one month to see how my body was reacting to the drug. It is SO different depending on where you are in the country and who you are!!!

Just go with it... don't take it personally! :-) good luck.


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