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I have just started the stimulating injections for my second & final cycle of ivf. This time we are going to be having icsi instead as there was no fertilisation last time.

I have low amh levels so I am on the highest dose of injections that you can be given. After three weeks on the injections they only retrieved three eggs. Does anyone know if this time we will have more eggs or not?

It did take a while for the follicles to mature to the right size that is why I was on the injections so long but it did happen eventually. I am just scared that I will go through all this again & not get any eggs.

If this has happened to anyone else before or you can offer some guidance that would be great.

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Hia I'm currently going through my first cycle and am on day 11 of injections. I have high Amh levels so they started me slow and that hasn't progressed too fast so have had my doseage doubled over the course of the week. I have been asking that exact question and the answer I was given was that each time can be different. Just because one cycle you only produce a few follicles the next time could be much higher. Id try not to worry too much and just let it take it's course (easier said than done I know!) I wish you all the very best and hope you get more this time around x


I will echo Magic80, each cycle is different, but you are likely to be on a high dose again, and should expect a low number of eggs. the good thing about icsi, is that the chance of fertilising each egg is increased wih icsi when you only ave a small number, so liklihood of getting an embryo is raised.The only thing you may wish to consider, which increased the number of eggs for me is acupuncture. good luck.


Thanks girls.

I have tried acupuncture before we started down the ivf route & felt that I didn't want to give it a go again cos it was raising my hopes more only to be brought crashing down. I have been using Zita West CDs since my last cycle so will keep going with that. X


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